Still annoyed . . .

No, I never did remember that plot idea I came up with in a dream the other night and trust me when I say it’s bugging the living crap out of me!


And it was for the book’s love interest, Jake, who I love, love, love because he reminds me of my brother.

Double argh.

I need to let this go, don’t I?

Anyway, wasn’t it awesome on The Biggest Loser last night when the black team won the weigh in? Hehe, you go, Jillian. That’s such a great twist, adding another team and I also loved how the trainer, Kim, got mad at how some of them were whining. She’s got some spice to her after all! But she’s right. It’s annoying when people get these great opportunities handed to them on a plate, and yet they complain, even though they knew it was gonna hurt and they knew it was gonna be hard.

Just like any America’s Next Top Model contestant with long hair knows beforehand there’s a chance that long hair could be cut off.

But that’s so true in life . . . how we sometimes get wonderful opportunities and not always step up to the plate.

Or, we get these great plot ideas in our sleep and yet fail to remember them when we wake up.

Yeah, I know, I know. Get over it, already!

And speaking of ANTM . . . it starts tonight, baby! So get ready to get your runway on, ladies! advanced web statistics

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