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Shop Talk Tuesday with Regina Scott!

Today we have Regina Scott on the hot seat! Regina is a Class of 2k8 member and the author of eighteen books set in the Regency period of England. Her latest is La Petite Four, a historical romantic romp for young and old alike.


Lady Emily Southwell and her three dearest friends intend to take Society by storm by hosting the most elegant, elaborate, exclusive ball 1815 London has ever seen. But dashing Lord Robert Townsend insists that she honor the engagement their parents spoke of years ago. Has he no sensibilities? No refinement of spirit? No idea he has laid down a challenge Emily has no choice but to accept? For she will not give up the ball, and Lord Robert Townsend will rue the day he dared to stop La Petite Four.

Check out her website or nineteen century teen blog!

Welcome, Regina! Grab some coffee and get comfy in the beautician’s chair.

What’s the most regrettable hairstyle you’ve ever had? Any mullets? Rat tails?

I did actually have a rat tail at one time, but I don’t regret it. I was the leader of an after school daycare center at the time, and I needed all the “cool” I could get. My most regrettable hairstyle was in 8th grade. I call this my inspiration picture, because it inspires me to never look this bad again!


How long have you been with your current stylist and what are your appointment conversations like—chatty and personal, or quiet and professional?

I’ve been with Lyndsay Rodgers for over 3 years now. I had an amazing male stylist before that, but he moved out of town and I found Lyndsay. She’s brilliant and about the sweetest person I’ve ever met. We totally chat it up for the entire hour.

What kind of hairstyle did you have in high school?

I have naturally curly hair and a mother who’s allergic to styling products (no joke!) so I never learned how to take care of my curls until much later in life (bless you, Lyndsay!). For most of high school I had shoulder length, incredibly bushed out hair. I couldn’t find my face some days, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I was very shy and had severe acne back then.


Time for your Hypothetical Questions of the Week:

HQ #1: You’re a big-time celebrity who just had a baby. If you were competing for the most bizarre celebrity baby name, what would it be?

Wokmana Nefgetter. I’m considering taking it as a pen name if my sales go south.

HQ #2: If you followed the career path you chose for yourself in high school, what would you be doing for a living now?
Actually, I intended to be a writer in high school, but I was afraid to take chances with the publishing world so I thought I’d better get a steady job to pay the bills while I was writing. I thought I’d be a cruise ship activities director.

No, really.

HQ #3: If you could go back in time and make changes to any of your published books, would you? If so, which one and why? I’d change quite a few of the earlier ones. I love interconnecting my books, but I didn’t outline all 18 of them in advance (silly, silly Regina!), so when I came to the later stories, I found I’d sometimes written myself into a corner. I’d love to go back in the earlier stories and plant other seeds I could grow later. You know, like how in the latest release of Episode Six of the Star Wars saga Hayden Christensen now shows up in the final scene as a ghost with Obi Wan and Yoda instead of the other guy who played the older Darth Vader.

The Lightening Round—no more than two words per answer!

Do you . . .
Outline or wing it?
Outline, sadly.
Talk about works-in-progress, or keep your trap shut? Depends
Sell by proposal or completed draft? Proposal
Love to edit or cringe at the thought? Love it
Prefer writing a new book or marketing the old? Writing
Write better at home or in a coffee shop? Airplanes
Read your released book or no thank you, I’ve read it enough? Never read!

And finally, what’s your favorite . . .

Time to write? Early morning
Movie? Pirates of the Caribbean
Book? The Prydain Fantasy Series
Author? Lloyd Alexander
Song? Behold He Comes (Days of Elijah)
Pair of shoes? Blue suede walking shoes
Guiltiest pleasure? Shopping
Line from a movie? “There is no try; there is only do.” Yoda, The Empire Strikes Ba

Thanks for stopping by, Regina! Best of luck with Le Petite Four and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A birthday and release in one month? That’s a good reason to celebrate. 😉

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