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Shop Talk Tuesday with Marissa Doyle

Today we have Marissa Doyle in the chair! Marissa is a Class of 2k8 member and the author of BEWITCHING SEASON, that’s set in 1837 England and includes shopping, dancing, romance, a real princess…and magic.


Persephone Leland would far rather devote herself to her secret magic studies with her governess Ally than plunge into the social whirl of the London Season. The only thing drawing her there this spring of 1837 is the prospect of seeing her idol, Princess Victoria.

Then Ally disappears, and Persy and her twin sister discover that her kidnapping is linked to a devious plot to enchant the soon-to-be Queen. Persy also discovers that one should never cast a love spell after drinking too much brandy punch at a party, that pesky little brothers can sometimes come in handy, and that even boys who were terrible teases when they were twelve can somehow turn into the most perfect young men.

Welcome, Marissa! Grab some coffee, get comfy in the beautician’s chair, and let’s get down to the gossip.

First off, when’s the last time you’ve treated yourself to a manicure?

Oh dear. This may be terribly gauche, but I keep my nails as short as possible. Otherwise they get in the way of typing and sewing and
gardening, which I do a lot of. Pedicures, on the other hand…heaven!!

What’s the most regrettable hairstyle you’ve ever had? Any mullets? Rat tails?

Hah! Probably the asymmetrical cut I got in college–shoulder length on one side sweeping up to just-tuckable-behind-the-ear length on the other. But my hair grows fast, so I didn’t have it long.

Yep, I had that, too, which looked horrible because my face is lopsided. Lopsided face and hair don’t mix. 😉 Okay, what kind of hairstyle did you have in high school?

No style at all–just very long. But it’s blonde and naturally wavy, so I looked like the girl in the unicorn tapestries or like a pre-Raphaelite picture. Except when I wore it in a ponytail with a pink-and-green-striped grosgrain ribbon, because it was the height of the preppy craze.

Hypothetical Questions of the Week:

HQ #1: If you could hit the rewind button, which book published by another author do you wish you could have written? Which movie screenplay?

Any of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next books. I’m insanely jealous that he got to be so off-the-wall silly and make such atrocious literary puns.

HQ #2: You magically find a $100.00 bill in your box of cereal. In what frivolous way would you spend it?

I am SO going to log in to eBay to look for antique fashion prints. I’m addicted to them.

HQ #3: Paparazzi are stalking you, looking for shots of odd things authors do while writing. What do they catch you doing, hmm?

Crunching on too many Icebreakers and fiddling with all the little things on my desk–beads, polished stones, small figurines of rabbits (I’m a total rabbit freak), goofy erasers that my daughters buy for me at their school store.

HQ #4: You’ve been locked in a bank vault with that guy from The Twilight Zone, so you finally have time to read! What’s the first book you crack open? (And don’t worry-no one stepped on your glasses.)

Thank goodness about the glasses, because I’d love a few quiet days to re-read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark, and it’s got pretty small print.

HQ #5: If you followed the career path you chose for yourself in high school, what would you be doing for a living now?

I’d be an archaeologist. No, really.

The Lightening Round-no more than two words per answer!

Do you . . .
Outline or wing it?
Talk about works-in-progress, or keep your trap shut? Talk
Sell by proposal or completed draft? Both
Love to edit or cringe at the thought? Like it
Prefer writing a new book or marketing the old? Writing new
Write better at home or in a coffee shop? Home
Read your released book or no thanks, I’ve read it enough? No thanks!

And finally, what’s your favorite . . .
Time to write?
Movie? Apollo 13
Book? Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin
Author? Connie Willis
Pair of shoes? My leopard-print cow-hide pennyloafers
Guiltiest pleasure? eBay

Thanks so much for stopping by, Marissa, and best of luck with BEWITCHING SEASON!

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