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Shop Talk Tuesday with Lisa Yee

Today we have the talented Lisa Yee joining us in the beauty shop! Lisa is the author of the recently released SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS (Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic,) and has one of my favorite blogs to read. Her photos are hilarious!

So welcome, Lisa! Grab some coffee, get comfy in the beautician’s chair, and let’s get down to the gossip.

First off, when’s the last time you’ve treated yourself to a manicure?

I’ve only had two manicures in my life. The last one was about six years ago. I got one as a Valentine’s Day gift to my husband, to show him I can be girly. A French manicure (?), I think it’s called. Where the tips of your nails are white. It was soooooo distracting. All day I could do nothing but stare at my hands. Then I decided to haul things out of the garage and I chipped a nail.

Yep, sounds like me. What’s the most embarrassing hairstyle you’ve ever had?

I had very complicated hair in high school. It was big, permed, feathered and curled–and involved a blow dryer, hot curlers, a curling iron, and a TON of hairspray.

Ah yes, I remember the days! What hair styling product can you not live without?

Spiking glue. I now have very short-easy-to-manage-hair. I put some glue-stuff in it and mess it up, and I’m ready to go!

Lucky! Okay Lisa, here’s some hypothetical questions for you:

HQ #1: Which book published by another author do you wish you could have written?

TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer

HQ #2: Which movie screenplay do you wish you could have written?

ANNIE HALL by Woody Allen

HQ #3: You magically find a $100.00 bill in your box of Wheaties. In what frivolous way would you spend it?

Hmmmm, I was going to say See’s Chocolates, but that’s not frivolous. That’s a basic human need. So, I think I’d splurge on good socks (the really thick kind for running) and cheap jewelry and maybe some fancy Post-it notes.

HQ #4: You’re a big time celebrity who just had a baby. (Congratulations.) If you were competing with other celebrities for the most bizarre baby name, what would it be?

OfficeMax. (Snort! I’m looking at a $10 off OfficeMax card on my desk right now.)

HQ #5: Paparazzi are stalking you, looking for shots of odd things authors do while writing, or of rituals they perform before starting. What do they catch you doing, hmm?

I’m blowing up Peeps.

You are SO in the lead with that answer! I can just imagine the headline. 😉 Now the Lightening Round–no more than two words per answer!

Do you . . .
Outline or wing it?

Talk about works-in-progress, or keep your trap shut? Trap shut.

Sell by proposal or completed draft? Proposal.

Love to edit or cringe at the thought? Love.

Prefer writing a new book or marketing the old? New.

Read your released book or no thank you, I’ve read it enough? No thanks.

And finally, what’s your favorite . . .

Time to write? After midnight.

Movie? Searching for Bobby Fischer (this keeps changing)


Author? AnneTylerJamesWilcoxBeverlyClearyJKRowling

Song? Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. (But it keeps changing.)

Pair of shoes? Ugg boots.

Guiltiest pleasure? Sleeping in. (I do this once a year, on Mother’s Day)

Line from a movie? “Let’s let mom sleep in today.” (Oh wait! That movie hasn’t been made yet.)

Thanks so much for stopping by, Lisa! And I think you’re on to something with this mom movie. We could follow it up with “Let’s put our dirty dishes away.” Or, “Let’s hang up our wet towels instead of leaving them on the carpet to get all stinky because, really, it just takes a second.”

Hmm. Maybe we should shorten the last one, no? 😉

Best of luck with the release of SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS! I wish you the very best!

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