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Shop Talk Thursday with Alma Fullerton

Who’s in the shop today? Alma Fullerton, author of In the Garage, a young adult novel that has been shortlisted for the Alberta Children’s Book Award!

Welcome, Alma, and congrats for the shortlist! Grab some coffee, get comfy in the beautician’s chair, and let’s get down to the gossip.

First off, tell us the truth—when’s the last time you’ve treated yourself to a manicure?

Last week actually

Good for you! That’s what I like to hear. 😉 Okay, what’s the most embarrassing hairstyle?

Most likely when my mother decided to give me a perm just before picture day in grade two. I kind of looked like a poodle or mop or something other than a second grader.

Ever had a major hair disaster? If so, what was done to correct it?

Only that time. We just let it tame down

What hair styling product can you not live without?


Hypothetical Questions of the Week:

HQ #1: Which book published by another author do you wish you could have written?

To Kill a Mockingbird

HQ #2: Which movie screenplay do you wish you could have written?


HQ #3: You magically find a $100.00 bill in your box of Wheaties. In what frivolous way would you spend it?

Buy some shoes

HQ #4: Your agent just called. TV execs are offering you a spot on a new reality show for writers. Do you say yes? If so, how would you be portrayed? (i.e. the boss, whiner, bore, paranoid-wreck, etc.?)

Paranoid wreck what writer isn’t a paranoid wreck?

HQ #5: You’re a celebrity who just had a baby. If you were competing for the most bizarre celebrity baby name, what would it be?


HQ #6: You’ve been locked in a bank vault with that guy from The Twilight Zone, so you finally have time to read! What’s the first book you crack open?

I would first wonder – Why are there books in a bank vault? Skulduggery Pleasant – only because I just bought it and have yet to read it.

Lightening Round–no more than two words per answer!

Do you . . .
Outline or wing it?
Wing it
Talk about works-in-progress, or keep your trap shut? Depends
Sell by proposal or completed draft? Completed Draft
Love to edit or cringe at the thought? Depends
Prefer writing a new book or marketing the old? Writing
Read your released book or no thanks, I’ve read it enough? Read it

And finally, what’s your favorite . . .
Time to write?
Early Afternoon
Movie? (Actress – Sandra Bullock)
Book? To Kill a Mockingbird
Author? Trick question???
Song? Right now – Beautiful Liar –Beyonce and Shakira
Pair of shoes? My Rockports or Chuck Taylors – just to confuse you
Guiltiest pleasure? Chocolate
Line from a movie? Don’t have a favorite.

Thanks so much, Alma, for stopping by, and if we were ever on a writer’s reality show together, we’d both be paranoid wrecks! I wish you the very best with IN THE GARAGE, and I’m rooting for you for the Alberta Children’s Book Award!

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