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Shop Talk closed due to weeds

No Shop Talk today because my planned featured author hasn’t finished answering the questions yet. Can you believe that? I mean, honestly. How unprofessional can you be?

Okay, okay, the featured author was supposed to be me. 😉 But I have been so hopelessly in the weeds with edits, etc., that I’m going to hold off until next week.

Speaking of weeds . . .

I finally had to admit defeat and realize that what I hoped was a perennial is, in fact, a weed. Sigh. But, look at the upper right corner at the purple flowers. That one was so not a weed–yah!


Here’s the next weed debate. I say the plant below is a weed–but my husband says no, it’s a fern, although neither one of us remembers planting any ferns when a family member gave us a bunch of clippings last year.


And yes, we stink at gardening. So here we go again. Is it a weed or what?

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