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Seven things . . .

1. I am FINALLY getting over my fear of Ebay and listing some items for sale. Like, a custom-built castle bed and a fish bed that have been gathering dust for about a year, now that my boys are too old for castle and fish beds.

2. Anybody in the market for a castle or fish bed? What about cowboy hats? Show clothes? A really cute cocktail dress that no longer fits me?

3. I’m having a hard time buckling down with my new book. Maybe because my gut is in an absolute knot over the manuscript I mailed last week. Or because I have so many other things to take care of around the house, like dusty beds and a cluttered basement. Or because I should be exercising more so I don’t have to sell that cute cocktail dress . . .

4. Who do I want to win tonight’s Project Runway? LEANNE! And I miss Jerell already. You’d think he’d go right to the finals after winning the previous challenge. Boo, hiss.

5. Who do I think will win America’s Next Top Model? Marjorie. Love her, but I sometimes want to grab her by the shoulders and make her stand straight. Why, exactly, is posing like a hunchback considered high fashion?

6. Enough blogging. I’m stapling myself to my chair until Chapter One is done.

7. Could someone please send food?

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