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Running: My Then and Now

While digging through some older posts on my musty Livejournal page I came across something interesting: A post from April, 2012 titled Disney Princess Half-Marathon 2013. Back then, I cross-posted more substantial entries here on my website but for some reason, I missed this one. I really wish I would have because it includes something very important: The first time I called myself a runner. (It’s also around the same time I renamed my blog Write, Run, Rejoice, Repeat although I’ve since dropped the repeat.) Here’s an excerpt:

I, Laura Bowers, am now a runner.


Sure, right now, I’m only running twelve-minute miles . . . on a good day.

The farthest I can run is three miles . . . on a very good day.

And truth be told, I more resemble this woman instead of the gal above:

But that doesn’t matter. You have to start somewhere, and this weekend, I’m running in my very first 5k race since having my surgery last December! (Hysterectomy – no more tampons, woo!)

And in exactly 320 days, I’m going to be running in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon along with forty-some awesome women and a few brave gents! (ETA to clarify: I meant the folks in my running group.)

Yes, I will be wearing pink! I will run through Cinderella’s castle! I will get a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow, and I’m even considering wearing a tiara! But a tutu? Eh . . . nope, that’s a bit much even for me.

More posts on running, writing, reading, and rejoicing to come! 🙂

I love finding this because it marks a very big difference in my life. So what’s changed since then?

Then: I ran a 12-minute mile.

Now: I’ve averaging around 9 on a good day.

Then: The farthest I could run was 3 miles.

Now: I did a full marathon in January … the day after doing a half.

Then: In 320 days, I was going to be running my very first Princess Half Marathon.

Now: I just completed my third in February.

Then: I was considering wearing a tiara for the fist time.

Now: I have five tiaras.

Then: I vowed to get a picture with Captain Jack.

Now: Me and Captain Jack arelikethis.


Then: My writing career was looking sunny and bright since I had a book coming out in June 2012.

Now: I’ve been through many ups and downs, but since I firmly believe in Lisa Nichol’s policy to give myself as many second chances as needed, (or third, fourth, fifth, one-millionth,) I have once again restarted my writing career and hope to have good news by the summer.

Then: I decided that I was a runner. (Who wouldn’t wear a tutu.)

Now: I am still a runner. (Who still won’t wear a tutu since they’re itchy but Team Sparkle skirts? Oh yeah. I got plenty.)

And for the record … I rather miss Livejournal. It was a fun place to blog!


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