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runDisney’s WDW Princess Half Marathon Weekend Merchandise for 2015!

Okay, okay, I’ve been posting a lot about runDisney lately instead of writing. But it’s hard not to when I’M SO EXCITED about participating in my third Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

(For recaps of my first two, you can go here.)

(And if my agent is reading this, I have been working on that massive rewrite for my next book … really, I have.)

But first, LOOK AT THIS AMAZING STUFF! Yes, my friends, Facebook and Twitter was all ablaze yesterday after runDisney released some pictures of this year’s merchandise on the Disney Parks Blog:




Since I didn’t pre-order a commemorative jacket, (big mistake – if anyone who did pre-order wants to return their small, please let me know,) I have my eye on that gorgeous Glass Slipper Challenge jacket. (Wish it had more to do with running, however, since this gal wears running shoes instead of glass slippers.) And I want to buy magnets to add to my collection. And pins. And a coffee mug, if they are selling them. And maybe one of those Sweaty Bands …

And let’s not forget about my obsession with this years Dooney & Bourke satchel

Oh man. I’m going to be broke.

I seriously need to get that book done.


Question: So, what are you hoping to buy?

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