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runDisney Princess Half Marathon Dooney & Bourke bags for 2015!

This year’s pattern for the Princess Half Marathon Dooney & Bourke bags have finally been released!
PHM DooneyI’ve been going back and forth over whether or not I like this. Part of me loves the color and the design but oh … my … gosh, since runDisney is not offering preorders for runners this year, is this worth waiting in what might be a complete cluster you-know-what of a line full of runners, personal shoppers, and eBayer resellers for? I still remember how insane it was during 2013’s PHM Expo held in Coronado Springs with women jostling for a bag.

<<shiver … cringe … runs for cover>>

But that satchel is looking rather pretty.

And it is my tradition to buy a bag every year.

Shoot. Guess I’m going for it. Still, since this gal does not handle complete clusters very well, I’m going with a healthy, “if I can get one, fantastic, if not, no biggie,” attitude.

But I’m still adding some boxing to my exercise regime just in case any elbows are thrown my way. 😉


FinsburyWednesday ETA Update: Yeah, it’s official. I’ve crossed over to absolutely loving the satchel, especially after realizing how awesomely awesome it will coordinate with my raspberry Finsbury planner!

And my husband – brave man that he is – has offered to wait in line and buy it for me, seeing as how he has lots of practice dealing with crazy women after being married to me for 20+ years. 🙂

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you’re curious about just how crazy these lines turn out! (I’m hoping that they won’t be as bad as I expect. Have the feeling they will be, but one shall always have hope.)


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