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Rejoice: Taking time for more joy in my life!

Don’t get me wrong. 2019 was absolutely amazing and fantastic in so many ways! I ran a marathon, finished a novel, took a wonderful cruise with family, saw Paris, and enjoyed many weekends at the beach, my happy place.

But there were many days filled with stress, worry, drama, indecision, and my goal of living with intention did not turn out as intended. Something else that did not happen is my goal to complete a list of joys. Those who are Erin Condren Life Planner fans know that there are some coloring pages in the notes section. I thought it’d be a fun idea to have a list of joys on one side and then color in a section whenever I did one of them!

As you can see, I might have missed my goal by a wee bit.

But Que Sirah, Sirah, it’s a brand-new decade and a brand-new me with a healthier mindset. And because I tend to be a tenacious bugger that NEVER quits on myself, no matter what, I’m giving this another go. For poops and giggles, however, I thought I’d document it here on my blog for both accountabilities and to maybe motivate you to create your own list! And if you do, please tell me about it in the comments!

My 2020 List of Joy!

Read a book in one sitting.

Do a Read-a-Thon!

Visit the Nora Roberts Book Store

Take the Barn Quilt Tour in my county with my dad!

Run at my favorite trail.

Do one of Run Moore’s (a nearby running store) Pub Runs!

Re-Learn the Thriller Dance!

Trivia Night at a local pub.

Sing karaoke at Ocean City!

Take my mom to lunch.

Take my dad to dinner and a movie.

Bike to York, PA with Bob

Try out some of my county’s bike trails.

Do a Main Street Date Night with Bob!

Kayak to Fish Tales in Ocean City!

Swim in the Ocean.

Make a soufflé with Gordon Ramsey from MasterClass!

Go hiking in Thurmond, Maryland.

Run on a high school track.

Play Scrabble with Bob.

Play Boggle with Mom even though she beats me every time.

Play Clue with my boys.

Play Payday with my boys, which we always preferred over Monopoly.

Have a Sasha Sunday! (Sasha is our front porch swing.)

Host a family dinner!

Do enough activities with my dad this year to fill out a lovely 2021 Shutterfly calendar.

Play ping pong!

Take a self-made spa day.

Go to a Baltimore Orioles Game!

Go to a Frederick Keys game, our local minor league team!

Do some Baltimore Ravens tailgating! (This seems like a no-brainer since we have season tickets but I didn’t go to a single game last year because our boys used our tickets!)

Visit the Ocean City Boardwalk at night!

Bike the Breakwater Trails in Rehoboth Beach.

Spend an afternoon writing at the library.

Spend an evening crocheting … and maybe finish the blanket I started six years ago!

Play cards with Bob.

Pick blueberries with Mom.

Spend an evening coloring.

Have a magazine afternoon … and maybe plow through my pile of dusty unread ones!

Read by the fire.

Walk the beach shoreline.

Scoot to Bethany Beach for the afternoon.

See a movie at the Carroll Arts Theater!

See the Peep Show with my friend, Jeri!


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