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Here’s another release from a fellow Class of 2k7 member!

Congratulations to Joni Sensel for tomorrow’s April 3rd release of her midgrade novel, REALITY LEAK!


Come follow this trail of riddles lined with popcorn and drawn in invisible ink!

Pants that walk by themselves . . . Secret messages that pop up in the toaster . . . A mysterious factory that plants already-popped corn and makes invisible ink . . . or is it inc?

What is going on in South Wiggot? It all started when Mr. Keen arrived in the dusty little farm town—in a wooden crate. Strange things have been happening ever since, and Bryan Zilcher is determined to find out why, before things can go from strange to sinister.

This compelling adventure is like nothing else you’ve ever read. Part Saturday morning cartoon, part secret agent mystery—and all zany fun!

“Fun and funny to boot. Few of the titles out there have as clear a sense of lighthearted glee as Joni Sensel’s REALITY LEAK. Never disappointing and always surprising. I was truly delighted.”

–Betsy Bird, children’s librarian, Donnell Library Center, New York Public Library. Read her entire review on her Fuse Number 8 blog.

This book sounds like a total hoot! Congratulations, Joni, I wish you the very best!

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