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Yep, there’s no denying that Christian is one talented dude. His line was fabulous and it was obvious he would win Project Runway last night, seeing how he was the most innovative designer, even though only 100 pound, 5′ 10″ models could wear his designs, as evidenced by Christian’s “stay skinny, don’t eat” comment.


Or by women who don’t need to see where they’re going . . .


Or by Victoria Beckham.


Christian’s were great, but I loved Rami’s line the most, who designed clothes most women might actually wear. I did agree with Michael Korr’s comment about Rami’s color choices, but his craftmanship is spectacular. This gown was my favorite.


And wasn’t it cool seeing Jaslene as one of Jillian’s models? She’s still my favorite ANTM winner yet.


Speaking of America’s Next Top Model, do you get the feeling that Tyra is hiding a set of dice, one with the words, “blond, dark, red, extensions, short, and let’s-see-if-we-can-make-her-cry,” on each side? Poor Stacey Ann. She got the worse roll, with a cut that looked like a ten-year-old did it, but kudos to her for still making it work. I did think Allison and Amy’s red hair looked fantastic, but I’ve always loved red hair. Too bad they couldn’t make over Allison’s attitude, however.

My favorites is still Claire, even with her new Billy Idol look, and Whitney, who actually looked pretty darn good with her new do.

Have a great one!

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