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1. Congratulations to all those authors whose books made the ALA 2008 Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers List! Shows I need to get caught up on my own reading list!

2. Puffs Tissues with Vicks is the bomb, y’all. Very menthol-y. Try them next time you’re sick. Your nose will thank you!


3. American Idol time has come again. Same disaster auditions, same blurred birds being flipped at the camera. I think I’ll start watching again when they’re in Hollywood, although the one dude in the Princess Lea outfit was a first . . .

4. I’m now working on a book for adults. Some friend have asked if there’s a big difference between writing for adults or young adults, but so far, not really. I’m just telling my character’s story, who happens to be a few years older. 😉

5. This never fails to crack me up! Click on the You Tube video on my other blog if you need a giggle.

6. Have a great Wednesday!

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