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Questions I asked my now-freshman son yesterday:

Did you know a lot of people on your bus?
Who did you sit with?
What was your bus driver like?
Did you find your homeroom okay?
What was you homeroom teacher like?
Did you find your first mod classroom okay?
Did you know anyone in your class?
What was your teacher like?
Where did you sit?
Oh, where was your assigned seat then?
*repeat the above five questions for mod two and mod three.*
Who did you sit with at lunch?
Do most kids pack or buy?
Was anyone mean to you?
Did you eat enough?
“repeat previous questions for mod four.”Did you have any problems finding your bus?
How long was the bus ride?
Do you have a ton of homework?
How does it feel to be a freshman?

Answers I got from my now-freshman son yesterday:Yes.

He’s alright.
She’s cool.
A few.
She’s alright.
We had assigned seats.
*repeat the above five answers, seating varies, however.*
M*** and N***.
*repeat previous five answers.*
Not really.
Yeah, tons.
It’s alright, but I’m tired. Can you save the questions until tomorrow?

Did I get a little carried away with the questions?

Yeah, okay. Perhaps just a tad.

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