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Project Runway Prom

Nooooo!!! Tell me they really didn’t auf Kevin last night! Okay, maybe his dress was a stinker . . .


. . . but all of his other designs have been great, much stronger than Ricky’s. Christian’s was a disaster, but I think he deserved to stay. How can you get rid of a guy who can design a cool dress with Reese’s Peanut Butter cup wrappers?


Wasn’t Episode Six fantastic? That’s gotta be my favorite in all of PR’s seasons. Loved Jullian’s Twizzler dress. And I loved Sweet Pea’s gorgeous gown from last night.


I thought it should have won over Victoria’s, whose dress I liked until she added all of those gems at the neckline.


But what about Chris March’s dress? I thought it was fantastic and deserved to be in the top three.


My favorite designers? It was Rami, Jillian and Kevin . . . but I guess I’ll sadly have to replace Kevin with Victoria. No, Kit. She’s nicer. No, Victoria. I can’t decide. 😉

Okay, enough reality TV rambling. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go . . .

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