Random Chitchats

Procrastinating the MySpace creating


Clean the barn: Check.

Workout: Check.

Shower/Dress: Check, check.

Write 3,000 words: Check. (Go me!)

Answer emails: Check.

Finish my MySpace page:

I said . . . Finish my MySpace page:

Hello? Are you listening to me Laura? YOU NEED TO GET YOUR MYSPACE PAGE UP!

Okay, okay, I hear you already! Man, my inner voice is so pushy. And yeah, I know, I need to get my MySpace page finished. All the cool kids have one, but I’m so intimidated by the whole thing. And when I get intimidated, I tend to procrastinate.

Fine-ah. I’ll work on it. Right now. Yep, as soon as I finish this post, I’ll get right on it. Yesirree, I’m heading on over to MySpace now. As soon as I hit the post button. Here I go, hitting the post button. Any second now, I’ll hit the post button and then get right on that MySpace page.

(Will someone please do it for me?)

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