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They just keep coming! A major, MAJOR congrats to Class President and Founder of the Class of 2k7 Greg Fishbone, for the 07-07-07 release The Penguins of Doom (From the Desk of Septima Nash!)

“Penguins of Doom (From the Desk of Septina Nash), by Greg R. Fishbone, is a fun romp aimed squarely at middle grade readers.” – Jen Robinson,


Septina Nash is a 7th grade seventh child with purple hair and a knack for popping up in music videos. After her triplet-sister mysteriously disappears, Septina finds herself stalked by penguins, pursued by a mad scientist, and on the fast track to an Olympic medal in freestyle skateboarding. Along with her more reality-minded triplet-brother, Quinn, Septina hurdles from one adventure to the next: surviving for ten minutes in the world’s most dangerous truck stop, launching a polar expedition, and collecting an enormous amount of empty yogurt containers.

Is it any wonder why she can’t complete her math homework on time?

For more scoopage, checkout Greg’s u-tube video! And congratulations, Greg, I wish you the very best!

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