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MasterClass Review: Neil Gaiman Teaches the Art of Storytelling

If you’ve come to my small corner of the blogosphere to find out if Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass: Teaches the Art of Storytelling is worth the money, let me answer in three words: Good. God. Yes. Before I dive in, let me clarify that I’m not an affiliate for MasterClass, so all opinions are my own. …

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You coulda been dead all this time and Other Words of Wisdom from My Mother

I have my mother to thank for my healthy attitude toward aging. She’s the reason why I never lie about my age and why I think the whole ‘you should never ask a lady her age’ is an outdated concept that needs to go. I mean, honestly. Nobody ever says, ‘never ask a man his …

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February Stories: What I read and watched!

I better get this post in quick tonight, since I’m about to start a two month digital detox … no blogging both here and at Joyful Miles, no YouTube, (other than watching videos while using my NuFace—momma needs her entertainment,) no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no nothing. Oh, Lawd. I’ll be sharing my reasons …