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My week of writing, running, and rejoicing!

I finally sent a new manuscript that I love, love, LOVE to my awesome agent! Fingers crossed she likes it.

(Fingers, toes, eyes . . .)

I have a bad habit – I always cling onto manuscripts and try to make them perfect before sending them to my agent because I’m so afraid she’s going to reject it and dump me as a client. But that’s wrong. She’s my agent, not my editor. It’s her job to tell me what’s wrong with the story near the beginning of the process, so I don’t waste time spinning wheels in the wrong direction. She’s the one who will help me create something that will be loved by my editor.

Besides. She wouldn’t dump me over one bad manuscript, right? Right??? Fingers crossed she doesn’t.

(Fingers, toes, eyes . . .)

Last Saturday, I ran my second 5k for the year! This one was at the always-wonderful Frederick Running Festival, which is such a blast. Great course, great band, great goodie giveaways at the end, and bonus . . . two included beers! My goals were to pace myself, to be a passer instead of a passee, and to finish in 31 minutes. The humidity really got to me, as you can see here . . .


. . . so my ending time was 33.20. I was kind of dissappointed with that, but I did reach my other goals and ended up running the second half faster than the first half. (11:14 pace first half, 10:10 second.) Oh, and did I mention the included two beers? 🙂


Next up: The Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K on June 24th! My goals? To finish in 29 minutes. 🙂

The young adult author in me loves the sweet, romantic way my youngest son asked his girlfriend to prom last night!


I still have splinters in my fingers and I’d rather not confess how long it took my husband and me to make this work, but it was worth every second! We had neightbors taking pictures and waiting for her to arrive and everything.

Say it with me. Awwww! 🙂

And finally, to all you awesome, splinter-wearing mothers out there . . .

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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