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Monday Babbles

1. My husband and eldest son are sick. My husband and eldest son hardly EVER get sick. Me and my youngest? All the time, but not them. So, we’ve ended up missing a black tie party on Saturday night and I’ve been using so much anti-bacterial hand gel that I’m worried about overdosing.

2. Last week, I had a fantastic, wonderful book idea pop into my head. *Poof.* But, did I take a teeny, tiny second to write it down? Noooooo, not me and now I’ve forgotten it. Argh.

3. We watched A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa last week. Very cute, very sweet, but nothing can compare to A Muppets Christmas Carol, which has got to be one of the best Dicken’s version EVER!


4. Now that I’ve washed my hair a few times, the red has calmed. (I used one of those semi-permanent colors.) Still, consider my lesson learned!

5. No, we’re not ready for Christmas, but I’m not worried or stressed for some odd reason. Maybe because I’ve spent so much time this year worrying–about the economy, books, etc., that I’m all worried out. So it’s all good–I’m going to take a break from writing today and get some stuff done.

6. Speaking of writing, my old friend, W.A.D.D., (Writer’s Attention Deficit Disorder,) has made its return. Earlier this year, I struggled to finish editing one book because I was super-inspired to write a different one. But now that I’m cruising along with that different one, I really want to write another one. And, had I not forgotten the fantastic, wonderful book idea mentioned in babble #2, then I probably would have wanted to write that new one instead. Why, why, why can’t I ever be satisfied with one book instead of thinking about the different, another and new ones?!?

7. Now this is some lights, y’all.

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