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Missing Allie

**Warning** This post is a downer.

On Monday night, we had to put my sweetie dog Allie down. It was hard making that decision, but she was hardly eating for so long, and it was obvious she was in pain. Not only were Allie’s kidneys failing despite the new medications she was on, but the vet also thought her liver was failing, so . . . you know. I couldn’t have my girl hurting.

I miss hearing her toenails click on the hardwoods, and the way she’d lie at my feet while I wrote. I miss taking her for rides in the van, where she’d always press her nose against the glass and leave it all smeared with . . . well, you get it. But, even though I’m been one moping momma for past few days, I am thankful to God for the eleven great years I did get to have with her. Sniff.

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