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MasterClass: Judy Blume Teaches Writing Review

Judy Blue MasterClass Review

It’s been on my wish list to purchase a MasterClass All Access Pass for a long time. I mean, come on, the amount of courses they offer for writers is amazing! Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, David Mamet, R.L. Stine, Dan Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, and of course … the one and only Judy Blume? So worth the $180.00 to me … and yet, I hesitated to make the purchase.

Then in December, I saw how Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass would be available in early 2019. What??? Hesitation gone, SOLD! Considering the average cost for a one-day writing conference can be around $150.00, this is a great price for what you’re getting. Plus there are many classes under the Film & TV category that could be wonderful for writers, such as ones by Ron Howard, Shonda Rhimes, Steve Martin, etc.

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