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Losing my Laptop

My laptop is officially, completely, totally d-d-d-dead. *sniff.*

I’m going to miss the heavy sucker, even though it took about ten minutes to boot up and get to my Word file. And how the left mouse key wouldn’t work unless you slammed your finger down on it. And how it started to reboot itself when I was in mid-sentence, often losing whatever chapter I just happened to be editing. Oh, and then there’s the fact that there was no internet or email access . . .

Wait . . . exactly why am I mourning this laptop?

Because we had history. I wrote Beauty Shop on this baby. True, it was a bit more cooperative back then, but now I feel horrible about throwing it in the trash. And I absolutely CRINGE at the thought of buying a new laptop because every salesperson you talk to has a different opinion on what’s best and I have little to no computer knowledge.


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