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Last chance to win a galley!

Tomorrow is the last drawing to win a galley copy of BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT, so if you haven’t entered yet and would like to do so, check out this entry for contest details!

Here’s an entry from Slayground that I love! And it has nothing to do with a hair disaster or perm-catastrophe. 😉

My favorite home salon was just that: home. My mom always cut my hair when I was a little, and still when I was a teen, as I never could quite see nor properly reach the back of my hair.

We didn’t go to hair salons often and we didn’t have a lot of money. I never minded that. I was never the type who had to have a trendy haircut, only wanting my mom to trim my hair every few months to keep it healthy. I never wanted a perm nor highlights, always preferring to keep my hair as it was, straight and brown.

I do remember us going to a salon at least once when I was about four years old. I assume my mom went to get her hair trimmed, as she typically cuts her own hair too. I am not crystal clear on that part, only on what preceeded it: my mother and I sat in chairs next to each other, passing a notebook back and forth. It was small, yellow, and wirebound across the top. She would draw something on one page, and I would attempt to copy it on the opposite page. We drew caterpillars, aliens, and cats, using this incredible nifty drawing implement that had over thirty interchangeable skinny little crayon tips.

I can’t find that crayon-holder for the life of me, but I still have that pocket-sized notebook. The pictures in it always makes me smile.

What a beautiful memory! And it’s so awesome how she still has that notebook after all those years. Thanks so much for sharing, Slayground!

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