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It’s fair week!

EIGHT REASONS WHY I LOVE OUR COUNTY FAIR and used it as the setting of Beauty Shop’s final chapter:

1. Our fair is free, which is rapidly becoming a dying breed. The fair board is working hard to keep it that way, so a family can come out, have a great time and not spend a fortune.

2. It’s all about the 4-Her’s and their projects. There’s no crowded midway, rides or rows of games vendors. For that, we go to carnivals.

3. Food, food and more food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever. It’s all good and reasonably priced.

4. The horse and mule pulls, where–like my characters–we do bet on the winners.

5. Pig races. Need I say more?

6. The steer show. I love when it comes down to the best in show and the judge takes his time picking the winner, making the kids all sweat, and then he slaps his hand down on the champion’s rump.

7. Two words: Peach sundae. So. Dang. Incredibly. Awesome.

8. Nights like these, laughing while watching a demolition derby with my family:



Mommy . . .


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