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In case you’ve ever thought . . .

. . . an author’s life is full of glory and glamor, go to my livejournal blog and enjoy the video making the rounds on writer’s blogs. Why? Because most of us can surely identify with it!

Also, yesterday, I did something I rarely, rarely get to do. My kid and I hung out at Borders for about six hours and I read an entire book, TWENTY WISHES, by Debbic Macomber. In one sitting. (My kid read more than me, but he’s the smart one of the group.) It was soooooooo nice to just hang and not stress out about my never-ending list of things to do, or feel guilty about reading instead of editing.

Well, okay, I did feel a little guilty. But the book was endearing and sweet, the perfect Sunday read, so I didn’t feel as guilty as usual, which is pretty good for me. 😉

Have a great week!

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