Random Chitchats

I’m so out of whack.

Ever feel totally out of the loop in about every single aspect of your life?

Yeah. That’s how I feel right about now. Vacations always do this to me. So I really have no clue what to blog about, other than how I feel totally out of whack. Hmm . . . maybe I can talk about our vacation. Nah, maybe later. Ever get like that? Come home from a vacation and not feel like talking about it? Yeah. That’s also how I feel right about now.

Maybe I could talk about current events. Nah, that calls for too many brain cells.

My newfound love for the TV show The Closer? Nope, too boring.

My indecisiveness over whether to get more highlights or return to my natural hair color? Nah, too fickle.

OOOOHHH, I got it! How about a great book I read on vacation? Yeah, that’s a good topic. Very writerly as well.


I absolutely loved SUCH A PRETTY GIRL by Laura Wiess. I could not put this book down! I even annoyed my husband when we left the kids with my dad and slipped out for happy hour and I would sneak in a page whenever he left the table. It’s that good.

Okay, now that I managed to come up with a good blog topic, I’m off to finish the laundry I didn’t finish yesterday and get myself back in whack.

Hehe, back in whack. Doesn’t that automatically make you think of the song “Back in Black?”

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