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I’m craving sandals . . . and a pedicure!

I absolutely love that DSW Shoe Warehouse commercial where the woman’s feet comes out of ‘hibernation,’ and she takes off her clunky boots to try on a pair of cute sandals. It’s just so ‘springy,’ and right now–I’m craving springy!

Speaking of spring . . . I have the biggest crush on these sandals:


But I’d never order them because a) they’d kill me, b) I wouldn’t have an outfit to where them with, and c) I probably wouldn’t have the place to wear them to, seeing how so much of my spring and summer is spent at a baseball field. Nope, I’m just a cheap Old Navy flip-flop girl at heart.


Hmm, maybe I could upgrade to these . . .


Aren’t they cute! But I give the most kudos to and greatly admire the woman who can pull off these:



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