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Howz this for motivation?

This morning, I remembered something I’ve read about while doing Day 4 of my Power 90 workout. (Can you believe I’ve actually worked out four days in a row?!? Woo HOO, I’m on a roll, baby!!)

Anyway, I remembered reading an article on how to stay motivated to workout. One of the tips was to send a “before” picture of yourself in a bathing suit to a friend who has a blog along with a set goal, like your vow to work out consistently for five months and lose five pounds. Then, at the end of five months, if you cannot give proof to your friend that you did indeed follow through with your goal, he or she will POST YOUR BEFORE PICTURE on his/her blog.

Scary, huh?

And possibly 100% effective, seeing how I would die of shame if anyone saw a picture of me in a bathing suit right now. Certain parts of my body are clenching just from thinking of that horror.

Last week, I did consider this idea. And I can name a few folks who would be more than willing to post my picture of shame if I don’t complete my workout program. But, even though it could possibly be the most effective way to finally get me to commit . . . how can I put this . . . there is no way on earth I would EVER take the chance. No, no, no, no, no. I’ll stick with safer motivation tricks, like the 5k marathon I’ve already signed up and paid for in May, seeing how I’ve dreamed about completing a 5k run for years.

And no, if I’m crawling across the finish line, I’m not posting that picture, either. 😉

Have a great week!

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