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High School Meltdown

I thought I would slip back into the blogging groove by posting something funny and flippant. But I can’t.


Because I’m distracted.

Why am I distracted?

Because my oldest son is now in high school. HIGH SCHOOL!!!! As in, a freshman in high school. I’m now the mother of a freshman in high school and between you and me . . . I’m not handling it all that well.

Seriously. He practically has one foot out the door. I’m going to blink and then he’ll be gone, living his own life without me. I mean, I might as well go pack his things now because before you know it, four years will pass and he’ll be standing on the stage in a graduation gown. Then he’ll go to college. Then he’ll buy a house, meet a gal, and get married. Then he’ll have his first child, maybe a girl or even two girls who have long hair . . .

. . . huh . . . long hair that I can braid and tie up with cute ribbons . . .

. . . and maybe we could play Barbies. I never got to play Barbies with my own boys . . .

. . . and we could go shopping for cute pink clothes.

I do love pink clothes.

And, it’s apparently awesome to be a grandmother. You get to spoil the kids rotten and then toss them back to their parents. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be freaking out over my kid being a freshman, right? Yeah. It’s a good thing. Right, a good, good thing.

Except . . . I write books about teenagers. I know what can go on when you’re a teenager. Hello, Gossip Girl?

Oh God.

Here we go again.

(I hope everyone had a fabulous, fantastic summer!)

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