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Happy (Belated) Book Birthday: THE RED HAT by David Teague!

Congratulations and a major woo-HOO to David Teague for the December 8th release of his second picture book, THE RED HAT, with Disney Hyperion, illustrated by Antoinette Portis!

The Red HatBilly Hightower spends his whole life alone in a skyscraper high above a big city. Then one day, a skyscraper is built next door and a girl moves in. Could she be a friend? But every time Billy tries to reach out to her, the wily Wind gets in his way Can Billy find a way to outsmart the Wind and make a new friend, or will he be swept away?

“A simply told, graphically arresting tale.” -Kirkus Reviews

davidteague_0037David Teague lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with his family: the astounding novelist Marisa de los Santos, the beautiful singer Annabel, and the jazzy pianist Charles. He teaches literature at the University of Delaware, works in the library at Charles and Annabel’s school, and loves to read books–silently, out loud, in bed, in the back yard, and in the side yard. He plays the violin but doesn’t practice enough. In David’s opinion, Boris Kulikov, the illustrator of “Franklin’s Big Dreams,” rocks!

Check out David’s Coffee & Conversation interview here!

He also contributed this great guest post, Summer Beach Reads: What’s Your Favorite Children’s Book?

Congratulations again, David, for THE RED HAT! We’re also looking forward to your January release of HENRY CICADA’S EXTRAORDINARY ELKTONIUM ESCAPADE. More on that later!

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