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Galley give-away entry

Here’s an entry for my BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT galley give-away contest sent in from Lisa who writes:

The year was 1991.

I have REALLY thick hair. I had never had a perm before and decided to try it. Do you think the woman might have warned me that I’d have hair the size of Texas if I got a perm?


Two things: First, admit it. How many of us ladies have learned the same lesson about perms, huh? A show of hands, please. (Mine is firmly raised!) And second, I love the TV tray in this picture. I remember how it was such a treat when I was a kid and we’d get permission to eat our meals on them in front of the TV. Now they make these nice wooden trays, but they just aren’t the same as the metal ones!

Thank you, Lisa, for participating and agreeing to share your perm pain!

The first drawing to win one of my galleys will be on March 2, 2007, so send me your entries! Contest details can be found here.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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