Random Chitchats

Friday Five

1. My presentation on Wednesday night was a blast, despite all my worries! I always get so uptight before a library visit. On the entire drive there, I worry that no one will show up, or I’ll forget what to say or worse–I’ll remember what to say but the attendees, if any do show up, will think it’s stupid as proved by their blank, empty stares. But, A:) People did show up, B:) they seemed to enjoy it, and C:) there were no blank, empty stares.

Well, except for my son’s, because he’s heard it all before. After his game was rained out, I dragged him along in case no one else showed up. And, yeah, I somehow managed to knock over my book display, then step all over a jacket cover and then knock over a basket full of emery boards and bookmarks, scattering them all over the floor.

2. YEAH DAVID COOK! I broke down and watched the American Idol finale. Good thing, because otherwise, I would have missed that whole boxing theme. Whew! (Insert extreme sarcasm here.)

3. While going through another bout of insomnia last night, (or I should say this morning,) I watched the finale of Flavor of Love 3. I’m telling you, that show is like TV crack to me–hard to walk away from once it’s on. But, it was cool that Flav picked Thing 2. I liked how she stayed true to herself and turned down his offer to stay overnight in his hotel room, and she must be very easy going if she allowed herself to be referred to as Thing 2 all season.

4. I can’t really think of a four, so let’s skip this one.

5. I broke down and got my oil changed yesterday morning and rewarded myself by editing for the rest of the day at Borders. It. Was. Lovely. (Okay, that wasn’t a great topic for #5. But I’m exhausted and couldn’t think of anything clever. See #3 for the reason.)

Have a great weekend!

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