Random Chitchats

Friday Five

1. My prediction for the next celebrity picture book author?

Jessica Simpson, because she’s soon going to be an aunt. Seriously, can’t you see that one coming?

(Go ahead and cringe now if you’d like.)

2. Are you ready to NaNoWriMo? I said, ARE YOU READY TO NANOWRIMO?!?

I’m so ready, and the timing this year couldn’t be better. In the past, I’ve either been in the middle of a rewrite or burned out from just finishing one. This time, I’m super excited about my wip. The first chapter is already written–which might be considered cheating–but my books are never only 50,000 words, so I’ll make up for it.

If you want to buddy me at the NaNoWriMo site, my user name is LTWriter, and no, that doesn’t stand for Laura The Writer or Literature Technician or even Loser Turd. LT is something my brother has always called me since we were young. No clue what it stands for, though.

Probably Loser Turd.

3. Now that Sheena is gone from America’s Next Top Model, I guess I need to pick a new favorite. I’m going with McKey–she’s been rocking it!


4. Um . . . can’t think of anything for #4. Moving on . . .



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