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Frederick Running Festival Recap: The Twilight 5k

IMG_1720-001Oh, how I love the Frederick Running Festival! The Twilight 5k has a special place in my heart, since it was my first official 5k. Reading my recap from 2008, I have to laugh.

Wow, I was such a newbie back then.

I got so excited about getting a cup of Gatorade for the first time … and nearly choked trying to drink it on the run. (I’ve yet to master this skill.) And yes, I did make a rookie mistake of wearing my race tee-shirt … out of necessity, though, since I was dressed WAY too warmly. (Still make this mistake WAY too often.) I also forgot to charge my iPod and had to run music-free. (Which I did again this year after forgetting my ear buds.)

Huh. Maybe some things don’t change much after all.

IMG_0807And the elation I felt while crossing a finish line for the first time?

That will always stay the same.

(I have, however, gotten over my phobia of wearing shorts while running in public, thank goodness.)

Anyway, back to 2015! After signing up for the King Crab Challenge last October, (where you do the Frederick Half, Baltimore 10-Miler, and Baltimore Running Festival,) I had decided to run the 5k in order to complete the Nut Job Challenge. I mean, why not? I already had to go to the Expo on Saturday for my half bib. Might as well get another medal.


Oh, and doing both the Frederick and Baltimore Running Festival will also get me another medal for the Maryland Double.


IMG_1710Bob and I arrived at the Frederick Fairground for the expo at around … hmm, 5:00ish? Later than I wanted but it all worked out. The Frederick Running Festival does a super job keeping everything organized and easy to find. The first stop was getting my bib.

See? They even have a sign that says Step 1.

I like signs.

Next up was Step 2, going to the next building for my race shirts and some shopping where I bought a few extra Gu packs for the next day.


IMG_1716Bob and I then headed to the grandstands to relax until the race began. He had planned on watching Netflix on his phone while I ran so he was bummed about forgetting his ear buds. I would have given him mine, but yeah, forgot those as well, and they weren’t selling any at the expo.

[Note to self: keep extras in the car.]

After the kids’ races … so cute!! … I headed down to the race track and placed myself at around the 10:00 group. Since I was hoping for an awesome PR the next morning for the half, my goal was to relax, and enjoy the race at a nice, leisurely pace.

IMG_1718After our welcoming words and a fantastic singing of the National Anthem, though, my competitive nature kicked in and I found myself caught up in the moment, doing something closer to a 8:30 along the rolling hills and country scenery.

Time to slow your rope, girlfriend.

After the first mile and a half, I did just that by taking pictures of the many signs placed in the center of the road.

My favorite:

IMG_1720 2015-05-19



IMG_1738I did have to get a picture with this one for my friend, Megan, who will be doing her first marathon at Disney next January! (Actually, she’s doing the Dopey challenge with me, Jackey, and Ginny. I’m not the only #blingaddict!)

To perk things up on the course, we were also treated to this guy, the official Course Liar:


It’s always great to see cheering spectators, too, especially if they’re wearing pink!


I finished with a nice 29:53, which was slower than my 29:21 from 2008! But my legs felt great and I had enough juice for the half the next morning.


IMG_1747-001Speaking of juice, Bob felt a little better about his missing ear buds after I shared my two free drinks coupon with him!

Here’s another thing the festival does a fantastic job with … the after party at the infield! They had a great band playing … hmm, wish I had thought to take a picture of them … plus some food and merchandise vendors. I also chatted with a couple of ladies wearing pink Princess Half Marathon shirts, which makes me see them as kindred spirits and immediate friends. (I think I scare people off by this sometimes.)

We didn’t stay long since I wanted to get a great night’s sleep before the half which I’ll cover in my next post!

Until then, thanks to all the volunteers and organizers for putting on another great Twilight 5k!

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