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Four Mile Club

Four Mile Club
On Friday, I broke my record and ran four miles. FOUR MILES! I have never in my entire life ran that long.

Oh . . . except for when I was about nine and thought my parents left the playground without me so I freaked out and ran the entire way home–all five miles–only to find no one was there and that Mom and Dad both nearly had heartattacks and then I felt really stupid when my brother’s friend teased me about it later, but that’s another story, right?


So. I’m beyond excited about the 5K marathon this weekend that benefits our local Young Life organization. Except . . . now that my fear of not finishing or crawling breathless across the finish line has been deminished, I have another problem:

What to wear? Certainly not these:


Or these:


My short-shorts days are long gone, I’m afraid. And these styles . . .


. . . always ride up my legs no matter how tight they are and I’d rather not most of the race picking my bottom. So maybe these?


But what if it’s hot? Oh, decisions, decisions. And then there’s my iPod. I listened to the songs on my ‘running’ playlist SO MANY TIMES that I’m now sick of them. Except a few. These gems stay:

Dare, by Gorillaz, (very uplifting.)
Galvanize, by The Chemical Brothers, (again–very uplifting.)
Boogie Shoes, by KC & the Sunshine Band, (try not to boogie to this one!)
Head over Heels, by the Go Go’s, (great beat.)
The Girl you lost to coccaine, by Sia, (who I’m obsessed with lately.)

So I need to spend some time this week searchin iTunes. Oh, and working. Speaking of which . . . I need to get back to it.

But first. WHY WAS MICHAEL JOHNS VOTED OFF OF IDOL?!? I know I haven’t been watching, (or voting,) but come on, he was adorable! *Sigh.*

And, YAY to Kelly and Ali for making it to the Biggest Loser finals! You ladies rock. I do, however, think that having America vote for the last finalist was totally bogus, even though the freedom to vote is awesome and had I voted for Idol my adorable Michael would still be on, but still. That sucked for the ladies.

Oh, and was anyone else shocked that Daisy didn’t win on Rock of Love? I thought for sure Brett would pick her, but you go, Amber! Strike one up for the older gals. 😉

Okay, I really need to get back to work now. Have a great one!

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