Yes! I finished my rough draft. Done, done, DONE! It totally stinks, and there’s five thousand things I need to change, but for now . . . it’s DONE! All 98,062 words and 347 pages. (I feel like I just gave birth!)

I should confess that I hate writing rough drafts. Rough drafts are painful. Rough drafts are agonizing. Sometimes while writing a scene, I’ll think things like, “Oh my gosh, this is horrible, horrible,” but you have to plow through and put up the story’s framework. Then it looks like a new house under construction, just after the builder frames it and puts the roof on. That’s when the house looks the worse–when it’s covered with ugly gray Typar, when there are gaping holes where windows need to be, and the front yard is nothing but a muddy mess without a lawn.

But, editing? I love to edit. That’s when you roll your sleeves up, layer up the brickwork, fill the holes with shiny new windows, put on colorful shutters and crisp white porch rails and the seeds grow into grass.

So with that, I’m off to print out my big bad boy. And then it’s a night of celebrating with baseball practice and a Wal-Mart run! Woo-HOO! I’m quite the wild child. 😉

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