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February Stories: What I read and watched!

I better get this post in quick tonight, since I’m about to start a two month digital detox … no blogging both here and at Joyful Miles, no YouTube, (other than watching videos while using my NuFace—momma needs her entertainment,) no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no nothing.

Oh, Lawd.

I’ll be sharing my reasons why in a post tomorrow morning but the short version is I need to crawl into a cozy creative cave for a while in order to finish my novel. To just live in only two words for a while – mine and a fictional one. Maybe along the way I’ll gain some much-needed clarity and mental peace!

But first, my September stories … and fast so I have time to binge scroll my heart out tonight! 😉


Yeah, I’m embarrassed about this one. I haven’t read crap this past month. I could blame it on getting read for the Princess Half Marathon, being in Disney World for a week, and then catching up with work afterward, but that’s not the truth.

I was lazy and didn’t read. Hence, another reason why I need a digital cleanse. I hoping that when I start blogging again in May, I’ll have a better list of books read.


Oh, now, this list is long. Very long! When I work on running costumes, I often rewatch movies I love, since I don’t have to pay much attention. The first one being:

Yes Man

I forgot how great this movie was! Jim Carrey is such a brilliant, underrated actor and I just loved the concept of this movie. Of how when you say yes, life opens up. How when you give to others with no expectations of a payback, you get in return.

Of course, there’s an equally important lesson in setting boundaries and saying no at times, but still. And I’m not a fan of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope shown in Zooey Deschanel’s stock character who has little backstory and exists solely to help the male character to embrace life. But it was 2008. That was more common then.

Otherwise, what a lovely movie!

Country Strong

Not as lovely and downright depression, but I still rewatched it for some reason.

Always be my Maybe

A sweet, touching romance! (Yes, I’m being quick now. I know I’m going to be very chatty later!)

Iliza: Elder Millennial

My absolute FAVORITE comedian now!!! Oh my gosh, she is just hilarious. If you haven’t seen any of her Netflix Comedy Shows yet, put it on your list!

Frozen 2

Because I was first in my group to arrive in Disney for the Princess Half Marathon, I decided to take the boat from Old Key West to Disney Springs. Watching a movie wasn’t part of my plan but when I saw, AMC Theaters, I headed in to see what was playing.

Frozen 2? I’ve already seen it, but somehow watching it a second time while at Disney just felt so right! So I bought a ticket, a beer, and spent a lovely afternoon with Anna and Elsa. I just love this movie!!


Masked Singer Season 3

It’s another season of Masked Singer and we are IN!!!! Bob and I rarely watch TV shows together any more, because either he falls asleep or I fall asleep and then one of us is always catching up.

But watching this show together feels just like old days when my entire family would be glued to the TV when Survivor came on. My favorite so far is Miss Kitty

AJ and the Queen

You guys.

I love this show. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I mean, you got RuPaul—whom I adore, a charming cast, lots of glamour, perfectly placed flashbacks, a road trip … I always love me a good road trip, RUPAUL, and one of my absolute favorite story themes:

Finding family in unexpected ways.

I absolutely loved this show to death and I PRAY Season 2 comes out soon! When it does, I don’t care what’s going on, I will be binge-watching every episode in one day.


I just loved it!!!!

Okay, so there my list for the month … now what about you? What have you read or watched recently? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’ve ever done a digital cleanse before, I’d love to hear about that, too! Take care and thanks for reading!

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