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In all my craziness yesterday, I missed announcing this!

Congratulations to Ruth McNally Barshaw for the May 1st release of ELLIE McDOODLE! Ruth is a fellow Class of 2k7 member who both wrote and illustrated her book. Check out her website to see her very cool online art gallery, sketchbook ramblings and sketches of famous authors and illustrators of children’s books!


One girl. One sketchbook. One week of camping with the world’s most annoying relatives!

Ellie McDougal (better known to her friends as McDoodle) is being held prisoner…by her aunt, uncle, three annoying cousins, and baby brother, Ben-Ben. Sentenced to a camping trip with them while her parents are out of town, Ellie is absolutely, positively determined to hate every single minute of it. Thank goodness she at least has her sketch journal in which to record all of the excruciating (and, ahem, funny) details. But how will Ellie keep her journal from falling into Er-ick the Enemy’s hands? And what will happen if — inconceivable! — she actually starts having fun? Part graphic novel, part confessional journal, part wilderness survival guide, Ellie’s story is a treat for young campers, vacationers, or any kid looking to curl up with a great summer read.

Click here to see her great Kirkus review!

Congratulations again, Ruth! I wish you the very best with ELLIE McDOODLE!

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