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Early Release!

Talk about a shocker! Yesterday, I found out my book is already out at one Barnes & Noble, even though my release date isn’t until May 1st. I couldn’t believe it! But it’s not uncommon for books to release prior to their pub date and good news–it was facing out on a New Teen Releases shelf. Thanks, B & N!

Later in the afternoon, I received a packet from Harcourt. Inside were three gorgeous hardcover copies of BSfR!


Wow. It was surreal holding the finished product in my hands. I started this book in 2002, what feels like a lifetime ago, but here it is . . . done. The cover looks so beautiful and the pages are so crisp that I just stared at it for a while. And then I read a few chapters, something I swore I’d never do again because I’d only nit-pick it to death. But I didn’t realize how much I missed the characters who have become family to me and I’ve grown to dearly love. So really, I’m excited about my book being released early.

Okay, back to editing, so I can (hopefully) go through this all again!

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