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Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2015, I’m IN!

Yesterday, I barely worked, barely wrote, barely did anything productive at all.

And I wore a tiara all day.

Nano bulletNot that I’ve been slacking lately, lounging around in faux diamonds. I’m keeping up with my training for the Baltimore Marathon, and I’m doing July’s Camp NaNoWriMo, where you write an entire novel in a month. (Unlike November’s NaNoWriMo, you can pick your own word count but I’m still going for 50,000.) So far, I’m at 15,964 words on my mid-grade, roughly about 25%. I love seeing the arrow move on my dartboard!

But about yesterday. Why was I a tiara-wearing slacker?

Because it was early registration day for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend for DVC owners and annual passholders, woo-HOO! Since I pretty much wrap my entire year around this event by keeping journals and making goals like I did for PHM 2013, PHM 2014, and PHM 2015, needless to say, I was pretty excited.

Like, really excited.


So I spent the morning chatting with fellow runDisney addicts on Facebook and finishing up my videos for 2013’s and 2014’s races before registration opened at noon. (Better late than never.)

Then 11:55 hit.

That’s when my crazy came out full blast, making me hit refresh, refresh, refresh, and probably looking a bit like Uncle Frank from the movie One Crazy Summer while anxiously waiting for the link on my annual passholder page to go live. (Only without the cigarette. And the machine gun.)

Uncle Frank

Finally, HOORAY, it was go time No sooner than I typed my name, however, my son shows up. He’s working on my husband’s construction sites for the summer, so I had the feeling he needed something. Sure enough, “Hey Mom, can you help me find something for Dad?”

It was an innocent question. So I felt kind of rotten for saying, “Son, I love you dearly, but I cannot help you right now!”

Bad mom.

But good runDisney addict, because I’m now registered for both the Glass Slipper Challenge and the Princess 5k! My inner bling hoarder is very happy, imagining all those lovely medals hanging from my neck. Sigh. Divine. Afterwards, I wasted enjoyed another good two hours communicating on Facebook, tracking percentages on runDisney’s Twitter page, (it sold out in approx. 1 hour 49 minutes,) and wearing a ridiculously wide smile on my face!

Registration for the general public begins next Tuesday, July 15th at noon EST and for those signing up–I hope you also get in without any Uncle Frank! Having the following ready ahead of time will help:

  1. Your Active.com login info. If you don’t have an account already, be sure to create one ahead of time. Prior to registration, open another folder to Active and log in to save time.
  2. Your contact information (like you didn’t know that already.)
  3. Credit card number. (I type this out earlier on Notepad for a quick copy/paste.)
  4. Estimated finish time. If you don’t know this, use a pace calculator like the one at Active.
  5. Proof of Time in proper format with name of race, distance, city, state, date, and finish time. I also typed my information previous to registration. Here’s the example they give on runDisneyWalt Disney World Half Marathon, 13.1, Orlando, FL, 1/11/13, – 2:05.
  6. Emergency contact name and phone number.
  7. Decide ahead of time what size shirt you’d like.

Note that they didn’t ask which princess you’d like to have on your bib this year, which has caused quite a bit of speculation over what runDisney has up their sleeves. Separating corrals by bibs, perhaps?

Good luck for everyone registering, and for those who want to experience the full Uncle Frank experience:

Happy running!

QOTD: Did you register and if so, what are you most excited about? My answer is EVERYTHING!!



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