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Correction to yesterday’s post; Walkersville Public Library presentation tonight

It’s official. I am a duffous.

And when this duffous screws up, she screws up big. In my mad rush to post my Shop Talk interview yesterday before going to the office, I made a HUGE mistake. The author of A DIFFICULT BOY is M.P. Barker, (Michele,) instead of Melissa Barker.

(I know. Don’t say it. I already feel rotten enough as it is.)

Especially when I went on to use the name ‘Melissa’ no less than six times in the interview, that was also posted on my MySpace and website, for a total of eighteen mess-ups that probably had poor Michele absolutely cringing. And, I also forgot to include a picture of Michele’s favorite shoes, these sparkly Dorothy dancing shoes:


Very awesome!

So Michele–please except my apology for messing up your name. I am deeply sorry!

And, I made another screw-up by not confirming with the library I’m giving a presentation at tonight if they have a Power Point projector. They don’t, so now I need to figure out how to put my presentation onto a DVD, if that’s even possible. If not, I need to figure out how I’m going to wing it. Gulp.

Lessons learned so far this week:

1. Always ask what equipment a library has before the day of the presentation.
2. Make sure you get the name right.

So, for those in my area, come out to the Walkersville Public Library tonight at 7:00 for my presentation on . . .

Hair Lessons Learned: How they relate to a writer’s career.

You’ll find out what pixie cuts, perm disasters, horrendous highlights and mullets have to do with my writing career! I hope to see you there!

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