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Closet overhaul

Any guesses what we did last weekend?


That’s twelve bags of clothes Bob and I finally tossed from our closets, my friends. Goodwill is going to have a lot of hanging to do!

Problem is, moments before I packed the bags in my van, it hit me. That black cardigan sweater with quarter-length sleeves–the one I haven’t worn in two years and haphazardly thrown out–was suddenly the bestest sweater in the world and I just HAD TO HAVE IT BACK! But, was it worth digging through twelve bags of clothes for?

Yes. I wanted my dang sweater.

My sweater must have wanted me as well. It was in the first bag I opened, the one on the far right, along with a pair of grey dress pants that have a tendency to ride up, but maybe they’ll fit better some day; a pair of black casual pants that are too short but maybe I could re-hem them; and a green gauzy shirt I bought for fifty bucks but never had the right occasion to wear it to.

Hmm. And I wonder why my closet is always a mess. 😉

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