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Happy National Pink Day! Let's talk about being bold.

I. Love. Pink. The color, the artist, wearing it on Wednesdays, I love everything about pink, so imagine my utter joy after discovering that yesterday was dedicated to my favorite hue! I might have missed it, but I still shall wear it from head to toe today and be a living Pepto Bismol bottle, even [...]

Social Media Workshop #1: Where to start

*Here’s something I wrote for As The Eraser Burns that you might enjoy!* If you attended Laura Whitaker’s “Dating 101: What makes YOU desirable to an Editor” session at last September’s Lucky 13: Make 2013 Your Year Conference and happened to look over my shoulder as she talked about the importance of writers having a strong social media [...]

How To Make A Book Trailer with Animoto

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Thanks to Cynthia Leitich Smith’s lovely Book Trailer & Giveaway, I was inspired to post this for any author faced with the daunting task of creating a book trailer for their novel, but who has limited video skills and absolutely NO CLUE where to begin. Oh, yeah. That was me last June: [...]

My first presentation!

Many thanks to the wonderful teachers and students at New Windsor Middle School for welcoming me to their classroom yesterday! I did three presentations and I have to confess I was BEYOND nervous at first! But the kids were great and–praise the Lord–the Power Point file my youngest son helped me create worked. (Thanks also [...]