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While gathering photos for this recap, I couldn’t help but get a little bummed since there will be no Tower of Terror 10-Miler in 2015. RunDisney, you’re going to bring it back once construction is finished in Hollywood Studios, right? Right?!? <<fingers crossed, hope they do.>> I think they will but if 2014 was the last Tower of Terror, *sniff, pout* then [...]

And what a day this was! So, here’s the thing. Before our all-girls weekend, I had never watched a parade at Magic Kingdom since my boys are ride fanatics and my husband isn’t big on them. This changed on Saturday when we didn’t just watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade … we were selected as Grand Marshals! Talk [...]

Dopey Challenge, anyone?

Yep, I signed up for the big one because going Goofy just wasn’t enough. See you in 2016 at January’s WDW Marathon Weekend!

2015 WDW Tower of Terror: The Expo!

I’m kind of dreading writing my WDW Tower of Terror 10 Miler recaps because I have a horrible memory and this race was in October but oh well, here we go! So. Some backstory. I wasn’t planning on signing up until I wandered over to the runDisney website and saw that registration was at 95%. (Of course, [...]

Running: My Then and Now

While digging through some older posts on my musty Livejournal page I came across something interesting: A post from April, 2012 titled Disney Princess Half-Marathon 2013. Back then, I cross-posted more substantial entries here on my website but for some reason, I missed this one. I really wish I would have because it includes something very important: The first time [...]

Picking up from my full recap, after Jackey and I went down the infamous Boardwalk slide – what makes it so creepy, the hair? the eyes? – and had a quick soak in the hot tub, I noticed the time. Yikes! I ran off to shower for my plans with Niki, feeling awful for lollygagging. See, there’s the thing. After last year’s [...]