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2015 Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k Race Recap

A more appropriate title for this recap is… The race I almost bailed on. “Suck it up and run,” the race my husband made me do. Or… And yet another lesson on seriously screwing up despite seriously knowing better. Okay, let me backtrack a little to explain why I almost skipped the 40th Annual Baltimore Women’s Classic [...]

2015 Baltimore 10 Miler Race Recap

Running the Baltimore 10 Miler was another first for me! I’ve always wanted to try this race because of the awesome premium jackets they give out instead of medals. Since the King Crab Challenge consists of the Frederick Half Marathon, Baltimore 10-Miler, and Baltimore Marathon, I finally got my chance on June 6th. Oh, and speaking about King [...]

Frederick Running Festival Recap: The Half Marathon

I’m slowwwly catching up on all race recaps this year.  Today’s topic: my first time running the Frederick Half Marathon, the first race of the King Crab Challenge! Wow, I really, REALLY loved this race. And I know, I’m fairy easy to please when it comes to races. But seriously, this is my new favorite local half! Very organized, great [...]

Frederick Running Festival Recap: The Twilight 5k

Oh, how I love the Frederick Running Festival! The Twilight 5k has a special place in my heart, since it was my first official 5k. Reading my recap from 2008, I have to laugh. Wow, I was such a newbie back then. I got so excited about getting a cup of Gatorade for the first time … and nearly choked [...]

2015 WDW Tower of Terror: The Expo!

I’m kind of dreading writing my WDW Tower of Terror 10 Miler recaps because I have a horrible memory and this race was in October but oh well, here we go! So. Some backstory. I wasn’t planning on signing up until I wandered over to the runDisney website and saw that registration was at 95%. (Of course, [...]

Running: My Then and Now

While digging through some older posts on my musty Livejournal page I came across something interesting: A post from April, 2012 titled Disney Princess Half-Marathon 2013. Back then, I cross-posted more substantial entries here on my website but for some reason, I missed this one. I really wish I would have because it includes something very important: The first time [...]

Picking up from my full recap, after Jackey and I went down the infamous Boardwalk slide – what makes it so creepy, the hair? the eyes? – and had a quick soak in the hot tub, I noticed the time. Yikes! I ran off to shower for my plans with Niki, feeling awful for lollygagging. See, there’s the thing. After last year’s [...]

2015 WDW Marathon Weekend Recap: The Full Marathon

Oh boy, this is gonna be long! I’m finally posting the fifth part of my WDW Marathon Weekend experience. (Here’s links for some back story, the Expo, 10k, and half marathon.) This one is about big momma, the WDW Full Marathon. It. Was. AWESOME. So okay, where did I leave off? Right, with Jackey and I getting to bed at around 8:30 [...]

Okay, okay, I’ve been posting a lot about runDisney lately instead of writing. But it’s hard not to when I’M SO EXCITED about participating in my third Princess Half Marathon Weekend! (For recaps of my first two, you can go here.) (And if my agent is reading this, I have been working on that massive rewrite [...]

WDW Marathon Weekend: 2015 WDW Half Marathon

Warning: This post is going to be really, really long. You might want to hit the bathroom or refill that coffee cup first! Oh, and if you missed my first three recaps, here’s this one and this one and this one! Anyway, where were we? Ah, yes, Jackey and I left Epcot and headed back to Pop [...]