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My Books

It’s official. I am a duffous. And when this duffous screws up, she screws up big. In my mad rush to post my Shop Talk interview yesterday before going to the office, I made a HUGE mistake. The author of A DIFFICULT BOY is M.P. Barker, (Michele,) instead of Melissa Barker. (I know. Don’t say [...]

NaNoWriMo and Moravian Book Shop

Doesn’t the initials for National Novel Writing Month make you think of Robin Williams as Mork saying, “Na-no, Na-no?” Oh, you don’t? Um . . . neither do I. ;) But, yeah baby, I’m gearing up for this year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s great knowing how so many writers are working towards a goal at the same [...]

Baltimore Book Festival

Every email I’ve answered this week has started out the same: “Sorry to be so late getting back to you . . .” Man, I still feel as though I’m behind on nearly every aspect of my life! Editing does it to me, because I’ve yet to learn how to BALANCE my life. Which is [...]

Upcoming events

If you’re from my area and don’t have any plans for the weekend, come join us at the Baltimore Book Festival that’s going on today, Saturday and Sunday! There’s lots of cool things planned. And–yay!–Tim Gunn is going to be there. I wonder if I can get him to say, “Work it out,” to me [...]

Upcoming events

My list of things to do today: 1. Edit. 2. Edit some more. 3. Re-edit the stuff I already edited. 4. Get back to editing. Oh, and for those of you in my area, I’m going to be at the Guthrie Memorial Library this Thursday, September 27, from 6:30–7:30! It’s going to be a lot [...]

ALA Annual Conference

I hope you’re in the mood for a long post, because this one about my ALA experience is a whopper! The ALA was a total blast! A bit overwhelming at times and I still have blisters that haven’t healed yet, but it was a great experience, one that I learned many, many lessons from. Like [...]