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MasterClass Reviews

For the second year, I have purchased a MasterClass All-Access Pass! Considering the amount of education you can get, especially for writers, I think that $180.00 is an incredible deal. (I mean, the average cost of a local writer’s conference is $200.00 to $250.00. So there you go.)

In 2019, I did a crappy job of taking the writing courses. (Well, I did a crappy job with writing. Period.) This year, I intend on changing that. Here’s where I’ll share my thoughts and reviews!

I might even see if Gordon Ramsey can teach me how to make a decent soufflée.

MasterClass: Bob Iger Review

Seeing as how I’m a huge Disney fan who’s been to Disney World and Disneyland around … oh, a thousand times, (slight exaggeration,) I had to take Bob Iger’s MasterClass! I’m not much of a business person so I went into this with low expectations. My husband also joined me for the first ten or [...]

MasterClass: Judy Blume Teaches Writing Review

Judy Blue MasterClass Review

It’s been on my wish list to purchase a MasterClass All Access Pass for a long time. I mean, come on, the amount of courses they offer for writers is amazing! Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, David Mamet, R.L. Stine, Dan Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, and of course … the one and only Judy Blume? So worth [...]