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Goals, Challenges & Life Reinvention

Happy National Pink Day! Let's talk about being bold.

I. Love. Pink. The color, the artist, wearing it on Wednesdays, I love everything about pink, so imagine my utter joy after discovering that yesterday was dedicated to my favorite hue! I might have missed it, but I still shall wear it from head to toe today and be a living Pepto Bismol bottle, even [...]

Camp NaNoWriMo a Go Go

Seeing as how I finally became a NaNoWriMo winner last November, (National Novel Writing Month,) I’ve decided to give Camp NaNoWriMo a go in April. While NaNo’s rules are simple … write a 50,000 novel in 30 days, Camp NaNo gives you the freedom to select your own project and/or word count, whether it’s revising a [...]

September 2015 Goals

Ah, September. My favorite time of year! New pencils. Crisp, clean notebooks. Warm days and chilly nights where just a sweater will do. Fresh slates. Second chances. That rejuvenated urge to reinvent your life. We’ve had a chaotic but blessed summer. My son’s orthognatic surgery was a complete success, (thank you God and Dr. Poshni,) and [...]

July 2015 Goals

Happy 4th of July! We’re in major chill mode today since it’s raining and my youngest son is still recovering from orthognathic surgery. (Now that’s a topic I need to cover later!) While doing some catching up on my favorite blogs, I came across Eat Pray Run DC’s post about her goals for July. What a fun idea! And talk about [...]